HUSTLE PHX and Your AZ Tax Credit

by | Jan 18, 2020

No matter how important taxes are no one really likes paying them especially if they can’t see immediate and obvious results. Taxpayers usually prefer to have a say regarding where their hard-earned money is going and who can really blame them. Well, thanks to Arizona qualifying charitable tax credit taxpayers from the state of Arizona actually have the option to control how their money is spent.

Here’s how that works, a taxpayer donates a sum of up to four hundred dollars as a single donation or up to eight hundred dollars as a family to an Arizona State qualifying charitable organization of their choice. They can then get a dollar for dollar tax credit for that donation that is deducted from the state taxes they have to pay. So instead of paying taxes to the state, individuals can allocate their money to people who really need it and some of those people are talented entrepreneurs with limited or no resources to start their businesses.

The underserved, inner-city communities of Phoenix Arizona are filled with individuals who have amazing ideas, God-given talent, and an entrepreneurial mindset but don’t have the necessary education, guidance or funds to make their dreams of starting a business a reality. With your help, we can change that. At HUSTLE PHX we ensure that urban entrepreneurs get the intellectual, social and financial capital they need to help them start businesses that glorify God and serve their neighbor.