Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between the Hustle PHX 101, 202 and 303 Programs?

The Hustle PHX 101 program focuses on providing “intellectual capital,” which is essentially the knowledge of how to start and grow a business. Hustle PHX 101 covers introductory-level content. The Hustle PHX 202 program builds on this foundation with additional intellectual capital but focuses on providing “social capital” through mentorship and expanded networking opportunities. The Hustle PHX 303 program combines all three forms of capital (intellectual, social, and financial) to provide a comprehensive accelerator for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

What is Pitch Night?

Pitch Night is a celebration for entrepreneurs in completing Hustle PHX 101 and 202. It is a night where family, friends, volunteers, and the community come together to support and encourage entrepreneurs as they pitch their business. A “Best Pitch” award is given to x1 entrepreneur.

Do I Have to Be a Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur to Volunteer With Hustle PHX?

While being a small business owner/entrepreneur does allow certain knowledge and wisdom valuable to our entrepreneurs, you do not have to own a business to volunteer.

What Types of Volunteer Opportunities Are Available at Hustle PHX?

There are many ways to engage with Hustle PHX that are both behind the scenes and program facing including administrative, training and development, marketing/social media, entrepreneur and volunteer support, and special events. The key volunteer positions that make our programs run are facilitators, guest speakers, mentors, and advisors.

Are There One-Time Volunteer/Engagement Opportunities?

Yes! One-time opportunities to engage with Hustle PHX can include being a guest speaker or participating in an entrepreneur breakout activity during a workshop or attending Pitch Night.

What Is the Time Commitment Required to Volunteer?

Different volunteer opportunities have different time commitments. Some are flexible (ex. mentor or advisor, behind the scenes support), while others are more structured based on when workshops are scheduled (ex. facilitators). Some volunteer opportunities are one-time (ex. Guest speaker), shorter commitment (ex. Program onboarding support), while others require a longer commitment (ex. Facilitators and mentors: 12-16 weeks, advisor: 1 year).

When Do Hustle PHX Programs Run?

Fall semesters typically run September-November, Spring semesters March-May. Hustle PHX 101 cohorts are held in both Fall and Spring semesters, meeting x1 time weekly in the evening for 12 weeks. Hustle PHX 202 runs in the Spring semester, meeting x1 time weekly in the evening for 16 weeks. Hustle PHX 303 is held annually and the schedule is dependent on the advisory team and the entrepreneur’s availability (typically meeting x1 monthly).

Where Are Volunteer Opportunities Located?

Some volunteer opportunities are virtual, but our programs are primarily held in the communities where our entrepreneurs live/work, which are largely in central/south Phoenix. Specific locations are determined prior to the start of the program cohort each semester.

Are There Internship Opportunities Available With Hustle PHX?

Yes! Please visit our careers page for more information on internships with our different programs, or contact ​​ for more information.

Do I Have to Be of a Certain Faith to Participate With Hustle PHX?

No, all are welcome to participate and volunteer with Hustle PHX.

How Can I Support the Entrepreneurs in the Hustle PHX Community?
  • Tell your friends and family about the business.
  • Follow the business on social media.
  • Engage with the business on social media.
  • Share about your interactions with the business.
  • Use the business hashtag when sharing about them.
  • Let the business know how much you love them by sending them a message.
I Need a Product/Service That a Hustle PHX Entrepreneur Provides. How Can I Hire Them?

Hustle PHX is actively working on creating an online directory so that people can access a certified list of trusted entrepreneurs that you can support through purchasing their products and services! In the meantime, please reach out to a Hustle PHX representative or contact us at ​​ if you have specific needs that our entrepreneurs can fulfill for you.

What is a Facilitator?

Hustle PHX uses volunteer facilitators in both our Hustle PHX 101 and 202 programs. Volunteer facilitators to guide a cohort of entrepreneurs through the ideation phase of their businesses through presenting prepared content and facilitating group discussions over the course of weeks.

What is a Mentor?

A volunteer mentor is typically an entrepreneur/small business owner who is paired with an entrepreneur in the Hustle PHX 202 program which lasts 14-16 weeks. This person helps hold the entrepreneur accountable for completing a business portfolio. The mentor is also a ‘thinking partner’ to the entrepreneur providing coaching, brainstorming and personal experience on the ups and downs of building a business.

What is an Advisor?

A volunteer advisor is someone who is a part of a team of advisors to an entrepreneur at the Hustle PHX 303 level. This person has specific professional expertise (ex. marketing, sales, risk management, attorney, operations) that they provide along with the advisory team to the entrepreneur over the course of a year.

What is a Guest Speaker?

Hustle PHX incorporates guest speakers throughout the Hustle PHX 101 and 202 programs. These guest speakers are asked to speak on a specific week and topic that is based on what the entrepreneurs are learning that week and typically a one time  opportunity.