Let the Hustlers Hustle – For the Common Good

The Hustle Program

Motivated by Christian faith, we encourage the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix.

Through our program, we provide a limited number of carefully selected entrepreneurs with three essential kinds of capital:


Intellectual Capital

Education and skill development will be provided through an online curriculum sponsored by the Acton School of Business, including a weekly discussion and experiential learning module.

Social Capital

Entrepreneurs will be given mentors who are currently in business and who can provide assistance in the process of incubating, designing, launching, and scaling new businesses.

Financial Capital

Entrepreneurs will participate in a “Pitch Day,” giving potential investors the opportunity to hear pitches and contribute to ventures as they see potential.

Join In The Hustle

We are looking for individuals that have not only a business idea in mind but those that have a passion for knowledge, trustworthiness, perseverance, a coachable mentality, and aggressive dedication. This 8-week course will challenge you with the knowledge of business and prepare you to create your dream, develop your ideas and walk you through the steps of creating a business.

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Volunteer With Hustle

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We are always looking for more volunteers! We have opportunities in areas such as speakers, instructors, and mentor team members.