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The Hustle Program

Want to learn how to start a business? The Hustle PHX 101 Program is for you! 

Motivated by Christian faith, we encourage the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix.

Furthermore, we provide our carefully selected entrepreneurs with three essential kinds of capital:


Intellectual Capital

Hustle PHX provides a high level curriculum which includes weekly teaching, discussions, and interactive learning activities.


Social Capital

Aspiring entrepreneurs are paired with mentors (experienced business owners) who provide assistance with incubating, designing, launching and scaling new businesses.


Financial Capital

Entrepreneurs are eligible for a small business loan up to $50,000 from the Hustle USA Community Development Loan Fund.

Hustle USA Loan Fund

The mission of Hustle USA is to provide the intellectual, social, and financial capital to low-income, underserved entrepreneurs to start businesses that glorify God and serve their neighbor throughout the United States.

Our goal is to promote and support community development by empowering entrepreneurs in low-income communities to support themselves, their families, and the broader community through wealth creation and job opportunities.

Join In The Hustle

Ready to jump in and start a small business? We are looking for individuals that have not only a business idea in mind but those that have a passion for knowledge, perseverance, a coachable mentality, and aggressive dedication.

This 14-week course will challenge you with the knowledge of business and prepare you to create your dream. Furthermore, you will develop your ideas and walk through the steps of creating a business.

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With financial support from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family and AmeriCorps Arizona, Hustle PHX launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (Y.E.P.) in the spring of 2022. The purpose of Y.E.P. is to empower justice involved opportunity youth in Arizona juvenile detention facilities.

Y.E.P. equips youth with tools that will allow them to take their business ideas from the ideation phase to the execution of starting their business. While the traditional Hustle PHX 101 curriculum is centered for adults in our programming, we modified it to be youth-digestible and interactive. The Youth program is focused primarily on financial literacy and the ABC’s of business.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program team at Neighborhood Ministries pitch night, awarding 4 youth entrepreneurs with certificates of completion of our business development and workforce development program

To learn more or apply to be an AmeriCorps member with Hustle PHX, click here for current opportunities.

Volunteer With Hustle

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We are always looking for more volunteers! We have opportunities with our Hustle PHX 101 program and our Youth Entrepreneurship Program in areas such as guest speakers, facilitators, and mentors to team members.

Click the button “Apply Now” to apply to volunteer with Hustle, or click the button “View Volunteer Opportunities” to view available volunteer opportunities.


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