Youth Entrepreneurship Program


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In 2023, the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections received 109 youth to be placed in their care facilities.

About Y.E.P.

These 109 youth, in addition to thousands of juveniles who are detained each year in Arizona, are the kids we serve through  the Hustle PHX Youth Entrepreneurship Program.


The purpose of Y.E.P. is to empower justice involved opportunity youth and equip them with tools that will allow them to take their business from the ideation phase to the execution of starting their business. The traditional Hustle PHX 101 curriculum has been modified to be youth-digestible and interactive focused on financial literacy and the foundations of business.


With financial support from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family and AmeriCorps Arizona, Hustle PHX launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (Y.E.P) in the spring of 2022. Since that time Hustle PHX has expanded its programming to partner with Adobe Mountain School and  Maricopa County Regional School District.

Y.E.P. 101

Hustle PHX Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) 101 is a 13-week course designed to empower justice-involved youth by providing them with the essential skills to succeed in the business world.


Through YEP 101, youth will discover their true identity, unlock their passions, and create a roadmap to transform their dreams into reality and become a successful entrepreneur.

Hustle PHX has created partnerships with organizations including: