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Anchors & Aches

On Wednesday March 27, 2024, the Hustle PHX team, powered by AmeriCorps AZ, continued their journey with 16 justice-involved youth, becoming the next generation of (restorative) Hustlers through the all new YEP 101 course.

The team opened up the night with a recap of the previous week, which was about Anchors: “What Are the Realistic Circumstances of My Life?” They had the youth break up into groups and took some time to further discuss the results of their personality tests with them. Several of the youth then shared some of their thoughts with the rest of the group/class.

The Opening Activity

After that, one of our volunteer facilitators then took some time to briefly review the Hustler’s Sweet Spot and the various aspects that comprise it. They also shared a bit of their story, highlighted the importance of passion when choosing one’s career and also gave the youth some advice; encouraging them to each measure their growth on a day by day basis rather than comparing themselves to others.

hustle phx hustler sweet spot

The Hustler Sweet Spot

The floor was then given to one of our team members, who then transitioned into the topic of the night, which was Aches: “Where Have I Encountered the Brokenness of the World?” For this topic, they took some time to talk about how the aches (brokenness, hurts, and trauma of the world) that one experiences in life can serve as a form of  motivation for their career. They gave examples from history (the Civil Rights movement), art (the japanese art of kintsugi) and even some of their own life experiences.

They shared with the youth that they are a musical artist and explained how certain experiences that they had growing up served as aches and became fuel for their career. While using their musical career as an example, per the request of one youth, they also sang a part of one of their songs for the class, which garnered their applause. One of our volunteer facilitators took some time to talk with the youth about aches (specifically in the form of trauma); asking them how they would define it, identifying another potential source for it and giving some examples of this source from their own life. They detailed the importance of processing trauma and encouraged the youth to do so in order that they might be better off in life and business. After some further encouragement and insight from the team, we then transitioned into our Community Restoration project.

The Community Restoration Project

For this project, the youth were given a selection of aches present within certain communities; consisting of homelessness, mental health, unemployment, and education. They were to break up into groups, select the aches that they wanted to address, and then come up with a business solution/idea to combat said aches. So the youth broke up into groups, aided by the team, and took some time to work on the project. After a period of discussion and brainstorming, the various groups then took turns sharing their solutions/ideas with the class and team. Here is what they came up with: 

  • An entertainment center that addresses the aches of homelessness, mental health and education by supplying people with jobs, paying for their health insurance and also school(if a certain term of service was met).
  • An electric company that addresses the ache of unemployment by supplying people with jobs so that they can make money.
  • A soup kitchen that addresses the ache of homelessness by feeding the homeless.
  • A homeless shelter that addresses the aches of homelessness and mental health by providing a space for the homeless, specifically those who struggle with mental health issues.

After the activity, the youth were encouraged to not run from their trauma. Homework was given and then class was dismissed.

Closing Thoughts

One of the aches of Hustle PHX is justice-involved youth not being able to stand and sustain themselves once they get out of jail/prison/juvy. And one of the ways in which we combat this ache is by hosting the YEP 101 course, which is possible because of our donors, volunteers and AmeriCorps. So to all that help make this possible, thank you! And to those that would like to be a part of journey press the button below: 

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YEP Partnership Launch at Adobe Mountain School

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