On Wednesday March 20, 2024, the Hustle PHX team, powered by AmeriCorps AZ, continued their journey with 16 justice-involved youth, selected for the purpose of becoming the next generation of (restorative) Hustlers through the all new YEP 101 course.

The team opens up with a recap of the previous week, which was about abilities: “What am I Good at?” After the recap, the team moves into tonight’s topic, which is Anchors: “What are the Realistic Circumstances of My Life? 

The team shares some information about passion, letting the youth know that passion does not equal abilities nor skills. They dialogue with the youth and arrive at the example of: a person that may have a passion for food but can’t cook. They share that just because your abilities and/or skills don’t directly align with your passion, doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue it at all; because in the culinary world, you can work in the front end or the back end of a restaurant (In the context of this example that’s given). After sharing some more insightful information, one youth from the audience stands up, as a volunteer, and reads to the rest of the class about anchors to help everyone gain a more clear understanding. The team then asks the question, “How do you handle performing things outside of your skills/abilities?” To which one youth responded, “find someone with that skill.”

After some more questions and discussion, our team speaks about the different personality groups, types found within them and also the core aspects that make up each one (this information is based upon the MBTI personality test, see here for more: www.16personalities.com). Our team takes time to discuss their own experiences with the test. After going through several personality types and identifying some within the youth, the team shared some insight letting the youth know the importance of being aware of themselves (namely, their strengths and weaknesses). They now go back to going through the rest of the personality types, identifying them within the group and even dialogue with some of the youth to help them further understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personality.

adobe mountain school juvenile detention facility

16 Personalities - Personality Test used in YEP 101 Program

The team goes over one more personality type, the youth split up into groups and with the help of the team, go over key information about their personality types. A large part of this activity was whether the youth agreed or disagreed with the personality types they were given. After all of this, the team leaves the youth with some final questions to think about, reiterating on the importance of knowing yourself.

Closing Thoughts From the Author:

In going over the different personality types, you could see some of the youth light up as they seemingly got to learn more about themselves. And as the team transitioned from going over the various personality types into the group discussions, you could begin to hear the room fill up with the sound of engagement(potentially the best and most we’ve had thus far). And in learning about the topic of anchors, it was nice to see them light up and connect more with the team, in spite of the apparent one that they all have in common. So to our donors/volunteers, the work that you do does have an impact and make a difference, and to those who would like to be apart of this journey, we encourage you to press the button below:

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YEP Partnership Launch at Adobe Mountain School

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