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Restorative Hustling

On Wednesday April 3, 2024, the Hustle PHX team, powered by AmeriCorps AZ, continued their journey with 16 justice-involved youth, becoming the next generation of (restorative) Hustlers through the all new YEP 101 course.

The team opened up with a recap of the previous week, which was about Aches: “Where Have I Encountered the Brokenness of the World?” They took some time to discuss this topic with the youth and then moved on to a review of the Hustler’s Sweet Spot. While going over the various aspects that comprise the Hustler’s Sweet Spot.

The Topic of this week’s session is Restorative Hustling. Restorative Hustling is all about participating in God’s “Big Story” where God is coming back to rescue and restore business (people and work) to the way it was supposed to be. At Hustle PHX, when we think about Restorative Hustling, we are redefining the Hustle from exploitation to service. 

The Opening Discussion

We began the discussion with::

  • Questions and answers to gauge youths’ knowledge level on the topic.
  • Teaching them certain words/concepts to help them (better) understand it.
  • Giving examples to further aid them in their understanding of the topic.


hustle phx hustler sweet spot

The Three Forms of Capital

As a team we broke down the topic like this: Exploitation, restoration, and hustling. Redefining hustling to a positive perspective. They also shared that Hustle PHX restoratively hustles by: empowering entrepreneurs with the three forms of capital (intellectual, social, financial) to, in turn, help them hustle restoratively. The team shared discussion questions that made the youth think about what restoration meant to them, and also where they had to try and identify the difference between restorative hustlers and street hustlers.

After the discussion and another example, we then had a guest speaker come forward and talk to the class. If you’re interested in volunteering as a guest speaker with Hustle PHX, click here to visit our Volunteer Opportunities Page. Our speaker took some time to share some their story and talk about their work/what they do for a living. They were interviewed by the team and also the youth. A number of topics were covered, including things like: the notary business, brokenness, community, dedication, the importance of organization, legislation and how they restoratively hustle.

Our speaker gave some insightful advice, encouraging the youth to not limit themselves because the sky’s the limit. They highlighted how the youth were eventually going to get out, and instructed/encouraged them to prepare and not cut themselves short. They also spoke about the importance of not taking on jobs that you’re probably not able to do. Some important pieces of advice that they shared with the youth were to(when they get out): get LLCs, put their businesses out there, and also keep receipts. The team gave some advice and this section ended in/with applause.

After that, the team then transitioned into the activity of the night: Shalom Mapping. For this activity, the youth were given worksheets, on which they were to map out areas of direct and indirect impact for their business, business idea or industry that they want to work in. The team gave the instructions, an example and also explained the ripple effect that a business can have. They spoke about the meaning of shalom (peace in Hebrew); contrasted the difference between direct and indirect impact, which can happen as a result of a business growing to a point of self-sustenance; and also let the youth know that they can do multiple businesses.


The youth, with the help of the team, then took some time to start filling out their maps. Here are some of the areas of direct impact that were shared:

  • Truck Driving business: Stores, imports and exports.
  • Electrical company: Houses, stores, amusement parks, Boys & Girls clubs, and schools.
  • Entertainment business: Youth, community, unemployment and families.

Closing Thoughts

Questions were asked to prepare the youth for some of the upcoming weeks, answers were given and the youth were thanked for being present, patient and also respectful. The next week was previewed, discussion was had, and the cohort was dismissed. 


I leave you with a quote: “Let the hustlers hustle for the common good.” – Oye & Crys Waddell, Founders of Hustle PHX.

P.s.: Something I’d like to highlight is that even after class ended, it was nice to hear some of the youth still discussing their businesses/business ideas. It speaks to their drive/dedication to see this thing through, and it is admirable.


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