YEP Partnership Launch

On Wednesday, February 28th, Hustle PHX, powered by AmeriCorps AZ, launched their new partnership with Adobe Mountain School. 16 justice-involved youth were selected for the purpose of becoming the next generation of (restorative) Hustlers through the all new YEP 101 course. YEP 101 is a 13-week course designed to empower justice-involved youth by providing them with the essential skills to succeed in the business world. 

For the first week of class, we took some time to get to know the youth, engage with them, and help them discover themselves. This was done via a game, in which each youth received an icebreaker card with a compelling question to answer and could also ask any team member a question. We then focused on their whats & whys, to help them think about what they wanted to do and the why behind their mission. Their “why” sets them apart from anyone else in their field, and serves as a driving force behind their work.

The youth took surveys, filled out packets and also watched a video from famous comedian Michael Jr. to help them think about who they are, what they want to do, and also see the importance of their why. We then had small group discussions in which the youth got to speak with each other, members of the Hustle PHX team and/or any site staff about what they wanted to do in life, why they wanted to do it, and also how what they wanted to do could serve and/or benefit their communities. Some of the answers shared included: 

adobe mountain school juvenile detention facility

Adobe Mountain School, partner site of Hustle PHX & Youth Entrepreneurship Program


  • Being the first female NBA player and start a basketball business to bring about the positive change of equality and allow females to feel equal.
  • Starting a culinary business to make food for the homeless so that people don’t go to sleep hungry. They want people to eat their food and be happy.
  • Motivating others to follow their dreams because people can get depressed/unmotivated, and because it can make them feel happy.

To close out the session, the youth were given a preview of the next week’s topic of discussion: the Hustler’s Sweet Spot, and were then allowed room for any more questions. Now while we could end this right there, I would like to leave you with something to think about: 

A lot of times in our society, when a person goes to jail/prison/juvy, there can be a tendency to write them off and look at the story of their life as a closed book with little to nothing else left to offer. But when you see the answers listed above, you should be reminded that: this doesn’t have to be the end of their story, it can just be the closing of a chapter. 


Will you help Hustle PHX inspire the next generation of Hustlers that hustle for the common good?

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Hustle PHX yep team at adobe mountain school

YEP Partnership Launch at Adobe Mountain School

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